The spring waters of Negombo are

as they have a dry mineral residue higher than 1 gr/l
as they flow from the source at a temperature above 40° C/104° F
as they are rich in sodium chloride

Radon effect

The water of Negombo can add to the aforementioned characteristics the presence of the noble gas radon, acquired from the rocks of the subsoil, which, by giving the water a very slight beneficial radioactivity, favors the absorption of salts present in the human body. In addition, water, with its anti-inflammatory and soothing effect, improves muscle tone after initial fatigue.
the waters of Negombo

Discover the spa experiences

Buco Nero (literally "Black hole", 32° C/89.6° F)

Path in thermal water cascades with at the end a tub / cave in trachytic rock of volcanic nature.

Templare, thermal water cascades (30° C/86° F)

The "Templare" (literally, "Templar") thermal cascades allow a natural massage to the whole body, improving the tone of the muscles of the neck and shoulders and reducing their tension. Therefore, subjects suffering from cervicals derive great benefit from it.
"Templare" - Simo Capecchi

Nesti, source of life (30° C/86° F)

Three pools connected to each other in steps that end in a jet-cascade. It rises in front of a stratified tuff wall in a very panoramic point. Secluded and silent, it is suitable for motor rehabilitation. In the area below, a wooden floor for solarium use.
"Nesti" - Luigi Critone

Onphalos anthrotherapy grotto (32° C/89.6° F)

Tuff grotto 12m (39.4ft) deep and 4m (13ft) high, with a relaxation pool, a collection of cold water and a deep thermal "well". Seat for shower heads and series of three jets for cervical showers. Different environments relax the body and mind.
"Onphalos" - Lorenzo Mattotti

Maya, “Kneipp” pool (18-38°C / 64.4-100.4° F)

Two pools, a larger one hot, a smaller one cold, with steps and boulders. You move from one to the other. The thermal shock stimulates peripheral circulation and induces a general toning of the whole body.

Piccola Vasca Marina (literally "Small Marine Tub", room temperature)

Dimensions 3.40m x 1.65m (11.15ft x 5.41ft), depth 1.45m (4.75ft); strong whirlpool in the tub. It is suitable for those who prefer hydromassage with sea water.
"Piccola Vasca Marina" - Luigi Critone

Irrgang - Japanese labyrinth (18-38°C / 64.4-100.4° F)

Two routes, with hot (38° C/100.4° F) and cold (18° C/64.4° F) thermal water. It provides a natural massage of the lower limbs; river pebbles are positioned on the bottom and massage fundamental points of the venous and lymphatic system. At least 5 laps are recommended.
Irrgang - Giancarlo Di Massa

Hamam - Turkish bath (34° C/93.2° F)

The Turkish bath has the property of producing a general vasodilation and elimination of accumulated toxins through profuse sweating.

Piscina grande di mare (literally "Large sea swimming pool". room temperature)

It is an Olympic light swimming pool. Size: Length 33m (108.26ft), Width 15m (49.21ft). Two depths, 0.90m (2.95ft) and 3m (9.84ft). It is suitable for everyone.
"Piscina grande di mare" - Luigi Critone

Piscina marina dell’Arco (literally "Marine pool of the Arch", room temperature)

Heated seawater pool designed for children. Diameter 6m (19.68ft), depth 1.50m (4.92ft).
"Piscina marina dell’Arco" - Robi Baumann

Ribollita (literally "Reboiled"), "Jacuzzi" thermal bath (38° C/100.4° F)

Thermal bath "Jacuzzi" max 8 people, 2.20m x 1.80m (7.21ft x 5.90ft), depth 0.80m (2.62ft). With seats on the sides. Specifically used for whirlpools.

Thermal pool “8” (34° C/93.2° F)

Double circle, two diameters of 4.40m and 5.50m (14.43ft and 18ft), depth 1.40m (4.59ft), with strong hydromassage in the pool and fall of thermal water from the edges, at medium temperature. Slow movements and a stay of 10 minutes are recommended.
"Piscina 8" - Alessandro Rak

Large thermal pool (30° C/86° F)

The low temperature allows for large movements and light swimming. After the first 15 minutes the body absorbs trace elements essential for analgesic therapy. With specific movements, the joints acquire more mobility and elasticity.
"Piscina Grande Termale" - Raffaele Mattera

Circular thermal pool (38° C/100.4° F)

Diameter 5.80m (19ft), depth 0.90m (2.95ft). With water drop from the edge and underwater hydromassage. Given the high temperature, slow movements in the tub and a stay of 8 minutes are recommended.

San Montano beach

Wide arched coast of fine sand for a front of 250m (274yd); shallow water for a long stretch, ideal for children, sports equipment, canoes, pedal boats.
"Spiaggia", Ch'ng Kiah Kiean

The geological history of Ischia boasts multiple thermal springs. Where do our waters come from?

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