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Scopri il nuovo programma ”Garanzia Occupabilità dei Lavoratori – GOL” del Piano Nazionale di Ripresa e Resilienza (PNRR) per favorire il reinserimento lavorativo.

Programma GOL

Put wings on your future and start flying!

The Negombo Training School provides all the tools for starting work.

The seats are limited.

Registration is open for training courses for beauticians, masseurs and aesthetic manicures and pedicures.

The accreditation of the Campania Region and the presence of leading speakers attest to its quality, while the help for entering the working world and the monthly installment payments make training and refresher courses an excellent professional opportunity.

The price of the 1800-hour dependent beautician course includes a tool kit for the practice of "Adria" cosmetological manicure and pedicure, produced with thermal water from Negombo will be available in the classroom without limitation for the school practice of face and body laboratory. free textbooks.



Employee (1800 hours) and specialized (900 hours)

Beautician employee


The training course, lasting a total of 1800 hours for the beautician employee, is divided into two annual sessions of 900 hours, with an intermediate exam at the end of the first year and a final exam.

Registration fees include laboratory products and textbooks. The completion of the course allows access to a regional qualification certificate valid for the whole European Community.

The price of the 1800-hour employed beautician course includes a tool kit for the practice of "Adria" cosmetological manicures and pedicures, produced with Negombo thermal water.

First year (900 hours)

Professional technique

  • the figure of the beautician and the behavior to be followed with the client
  • environmental safety and prevention practices
  • infectious diseases
  • the integumentary system
  • the ph index
  • phytocosmetics
  • cosmetic formulation
  • carrier and essential oils
  • pressotherapy
  • types of exfoliation: scrub, peeling and gommage
  • paraffin treatment
  • epilation and hair removal
  • nail diseases
  • foot diseases


  • cleansing
  • scrub
  • compresses, masks and poultices
  • lifting face massage
  • scalp massage
  • dry and wet manicure
  • french manicure
  • semi-permanent manicure
  • circulatory massage (total)
  • body exfoliation
  • face brushing
  • pedicure
  • french and semi-permanent pedicure
  • cold epilation

Outside the Region program

  • anti-stress massage

Second year (900 hours)

Professional technique

  • physiology and skin diseases
  • skin aging
  • androcosmetics
  • face morphologies
  • vaporization
  • definitive laser hair removal
  • pulsed light
  • thermalism
  • hydrotherapy
  • sauna and turkish bath
  • UV rays


  • deep facial cleansing
  • pedicure with bur
  • epilation with resin
  • hair removal with Brazilian wax
  • breast massage
  • application of tufts of false eyelashes
  • anti-cellulite massage
  • hemolymphatic
  • camouflage
  • bridal makeup
  • theatrical make-up in various historical periods
  • Berber treatment
  • cold bandage
  • hot epilation
  • hair removal
  • morphology and geometry of the eyebrows
  • personalized facial treatment
  • personalized body treatment
  • cold therapy

Outside the Region program

  • LPG 
  • radio frequency
  • anti-gravity face massage 
  • permanent lashes
  • facial connective tissue massage

Specialized beautician

The specialized beautician course, lasting 900 hours given over the course of a year, allows you to continue the educational path started in the two-year period, with the aim of obtaining the qualification for carrying out your own business.

Aesthetic massager

600 hour annual course

Aesthetic massager

The training course, lasting 600 hours overall, is given in one session per year, with a final exam.

Registration fees include laboratory products and textbooks . Completion of the course allows access to a certificate valid for the whole European Community.

Professional Technique

  • history of massage
  • nomenclature of maneuvers
  • various massage techniques
  • areas closed to treatments
  • aromatherapy and chromotherapy
  • comfort and safety of the premises
  • customer data sheet
  • reactor oils and essential oils


  • circulatory massage (total)
  • anti-stress massage
  • anti-cellulite massage
  • hemolymphatic massage
  • lifting face massage
  • face and body exfoliator
  • breast massage

Outside the Region program

  • cold bandage
  • anti-cellulite mud
  • personalized body treatments
  • LPG
  • hot stone massage
  • Berber treatment
  • scalp massage

Social health operator

The Social health operator (acronym "OSS" for "Operatore Socio Sanitario") is a professional figure belonging to the social health professions, foreseen in Italy. He is a support figure for the nurse, who remains his direct manager.
Beyond the regional program we will also teach beauty ayurveda, candle massage and pindasweda massage.

Thematic courses throughout the year

Decontracting massage
The decontracting massage is a massage that, as the name suggests, has the function and purpose of decontracting, that is to dissolve the muscle contractures that often arise, perhaps as a result of efforts and incorrect movements.
1st level ayurvedic abhyangam massage
The Ayurvedic abhyangam massage is an essential treatment for well-being; customized on the basis of the individual constitution, the disorders and the season, it acts on the subject as a whole.
Ayurvedic massage muri abhyangam 2nd level
Muri Abyangam is a preventive discipline that makes joints flexible and vigorous, strengthens and relaxes cartilage, eliminates tension and helps treat traumatic, rheumatic, respiratory, circulatory and joint disorders
Ayurvedic massage 3 ° level
The mardana is the massage that involves a more moderate use of oil than abhyangam, in order to allow the manipulation of the tissues to dissolve them, releasing toxins.
Lomi Lomi Nui massage (Hawaiian)
The purpose of the Lomi Lomi massage does not consist in simply achieving physical well-being, but also in achieving well-being and harmony with oneself and with the surrounding environment. In a certain sense, therefore, despite originating from a geographically opposite place, the Lomi Lomi massage is based on a philosophy similar (but not the same) to that which underlies various types of oriental massages.
hemolymphatic massage
Hemolymphatic massage is used to stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic circulation. The manual skills are designed to favor the reflux of interstitial liquids of the veno-lymphatic microcirculation, and act by intervening on the processes of senescence and on the formation of imperfections due to water retention. The stagnation of interstitial fluids often leads to a decrease in cellular exchanges.
lymphatic drainage according to the Vodder method
The Vodder method of Manual Lymphatic Drainage was born around the Thirties, from a brilliant intuition of Emil Vodder a Danish physiotherapist, who, supported by his wife and physiologists increasingly interested in the effects of the method, has dedicated most of his life to the study of the system. lymphatic in order to perfect his technique and demonstrate its scientific validity.
The method that was presented for the first time in Paris with considerable success.
connective tissue massage - face and scalp lifting
The connective tissue massage is a type of massage characterized by the execution of manipulation techniques that can act deeply in the tissues.

More precisely, as you can guess from its name, connective tissue massage aims to act directly on the connective tissue, through the execution of manipulations that, at times, could be not exactly pleasant.
corrective make-up
Corrective makeup allows you to hide facial defects. You can use make up to soften the square face shape or the size of the eyes. There are specific techniques for making up eyes downward, large, small, protruding and too close or far away, or you can slim the round face and make a square or triangular face less angular.

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