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The exaltation of the senses

The refined menu of the restaurant originates from the respect for the fruits of the land and the sea that hosts us, and from the historical memory of the culinary traditions that have raised us. The use of modern techniques and a contemporary reinterpretation of the dishes have created a unique combination, a signature of Al FuGà.
A terrace overlooking the sea, in a welcoming and relaxing environment, set in art and nature. A transparent frame, which recedes and disappears to give way to the beauties of the places, unwitting actors in the culinary experience. And the dishes are obviously not far behind!

Adventures of textures, tastes, scents and colors

Rediscover the flavors of the past, admire modern compositions, explore daring combinations

Come for the fresh colors of the Mediterranean Sea and the rooms full of light, stay to admire "Rive dei Mari", exhibited courtesy of the master Arnaldo Pomodoro.

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