The number one of the zero kilometer

Negombo Bar

We tried to plant the seeds of tomato bruschetta, pachino toast and San Marzano sandwiches: but they didn't grow. So we decided to make a vegetable garden as close as possible to the bar, and cut the tomatoes as we need, so that they are super fresh.

Pomodoro On Demand

More "zero kilometer" than that and we should just start catching them by going backwards

We call them "Tomatoes on demand"

All or almost all based on tomatoes, mostly from the Negombo garden: red, yellow, black, San Marzano, cherry and pachino tomatoes.

For the series, it is not possible to have more zero kilometer than this. Thanks to our aromatic and tomato crops, a wide variety of our dishes are based on the freshest and freshly picked ingredients.

Come and make the face of the tomato

Una Seconda Natura

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