Executive chef

Emmanuel Di Liddo

Born in Ischia in '84

Tenacity, love and passion for cooking accompany him around the world, while he discovers new techniques to combine with his tasteful cuisine, linked to the island and Southern Italy.
Lover of strong flavors, he began his career in a small hotel opposite the house. The passion transmitted to him since he was a child by his mother Adriana led him to tour many hotels and restaurants, which allowed him to train.

In search of the perfect ingredient

Photo shoot in London by Vittorio Sciosia
At work

Ranging from pastry to cooking

he has always put the right determination to move forward and thanks to his humility and resolution he has traveled from Italy to Switzerland, from London to Monte Carlo ...

... until arriving at the Negombo park, where today he wears the uniform of the executive chef of the Hotel della Baia and of the "Al FuGà" restaurant, immersed in the greenery of the bay.

A new face to the flavors of tradition

Al FuGà restaurant

Discover the dishes

Una Seconda Natura

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