It is said that in 284 a young Christian was severely opposed
for not having accepted to profess pagan rites, to the point of being
first imprisoned and then cruelly martyred.

Santa Restituta

His execution would have been particularly painful,
until you get to fill the poor woman with pitch,
tie her in a boat and let her sink
at the bottom of the sea at the mercy of flames.

At the last moment

a divine miracle would direct the flames towards her oppressors and spare her.

An angel would then

pushed the boat towards the bay of San Montano. The angel would then appear to another woman, of Lacco ameno, named Lucina.

In a premonitory dream

he would have revealed to her that the young martyr would have landed lifeless on that beach. Lucina would have found the sand covered with fragrant flowers, the lilies of Santa Restituta (Pancratium maritimum)

The whole story is remembered on May 16 in a play

where an ancient wooden statue over five hundred years old is carried in procession.

Una Seconda Natura

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