Health through water

The Negombo spa is designed and managed as a place of delights: it contains within itself the pleasures and benefits that the thermal springs give, combined with the sea and the garden that surrounds them, enhanced with the energy flows of the massages and treatments that take advantage both of the most modern therapies and the ancient healing practices.
Care and aesthetics
A modern and well-equipped center for body care and aesthetics; sixteen cabins, state-of-the-art medical equipment, indoor swimming pool for acquarelax, professional and specialized therapists and operators.
Negombo treatments
The experience of the spa is a path of fire and powerful healing and relaxing waters, generated by natural phenomena

La bolla di Giada (literally "The Jade bubble", temperature 35° C/95° F)

Swimming pool attached to the nearby wellness center, used for water therapies coordinated by the personal trainer. Heated sea water, dimensions 8mt x 4mt (26.24ft x 13.12ft) in 90cm (35.43in) depth.

Winning combination

Our marine, thermal, mineral and hyperthermal waters, together with movements in the tub, massages and personalized treatments, are the ideal combination for the well-being of your body.

The activities of the spa

The negombo contains within itself the pleasures and benefits that the thermal springs give, combined with the sea and the garden that surrounds them, enhanced with the energy flows of massages and treatments that use both the most modern therapies and ancient healing practices.
The oldest form of physical therapy, used over time by different civilizations, to drain tissues, relieve pain and relax the muscles, removing fatigue.
At the basis of this tradition widespread in India like traditional medicine is the holistic view of man, whereby body and mind are an indissoluble unity.
Face and body
Targeted treatments for the face and body with natural products from our "Adria" line, packages with free advice are available on request
Face, eyebrow, groin, legs, thighs, arms and back epilations. Healing manicure and pedicure, semi-permanent, gel casting and nail reconstruction.
Specialistic examinations
Medical, dermatological, cardiological visits, moles removal, cryotherapy, nevoscopy, aerosol, physiotherapy, hydrokinesitherapy, frigotherapy, kinesiotaping.
Instrumental treatments
Therapeutic and aesthetic LPG, UVB lamp, healing and aesthetic radiofrequency, electrostimulation, infrared, ultrasound, magnetotherapy, iontophoresis and TENS therapy.
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dr. Marco Spagnoletti

Surgeon specializing in dermatology
The skin, a treasure to be protected
How many things does the skin do for us? It protects us, keeps us cold or warm, defends us and gives us sensitivity. The least we can do is take care of it, making sure it is always beautiful and healthy.
Our first defensive structure
The support of a qualified professional is very important to resolve what are initially small skin imperfections, and which can sometimes evolve and become more difficult to correct if not monitored correctly.
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