Laura Panno

Gli occhi di Neri e Nesti

Laura Panno paints, scupts, engraves, photographs. For years she has been elaborating works of three-dimensional scenographic impact using, between empty and full and materials that lighten and unite, reinforcing them together, Painting and Sculpture.

We recall, at the Venice Biennale in 1982, plastic and sensual bodies, modeled with high-reliefs in steel wire mesh. Born and raised in Veneto, among the masters of transparencies and glazes, in Venice she discovers the glass that in the fire, the fire of the furnaces, enhances the purity of colors, and recalls the iridescence of water. On the naturalistic and paradisiacal itinerary of the island, how can you be distracted from so many beauties where sensuality and scents of the Mediterranean scrub are rediscovered?

For an artist… "distraction" can mean surprise or appearance, and that's what Panno sought, forming and creating Gli occhi di Neri e Nesti (The Eyes of Neri e Nesti). Full, transparent, smooth sculptures, which are born with the intrinsic memory of the lapilli of the volcano that still lives, heating the springs that are beneficial for the mind and body. The installation in the grotto "monitors" and makes the healthy stop magical.

In the mysterious paths of the water source and in the well, not the Moon will be reflected, but luminous irises, overturning and mirroring. Sculptures that seem smoothed by the sea and that dazzle the sun, restoring the beauty of the landscape designed by Ermanno Casasco.

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Laura Panno

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