Lucio Del Pezzo

Lo Strale per il Negombo

"Lo Strale per il Negombo" appears and welcomes us at the entrance to the park: it stands tall and powerful among the trees and acts as a visual-sound announcement or ring that suspends the silence and the enveloping tranquility of the park with its shapes , with sharp and acute edges; it generates an effect of life intensification or excitement: with a triple high-pitched and colorful ring that here announces a time of celebration, while in itself it has more and other values.

Here, it establishes a deep bond with the park. The zigzag is a primary form: it shares its archetypal absoluteness. Indeed, originally belonged to the language of the prehistoric "Mother", the goddess of fecundity-fertility of the cosmos and of all living beings. Thus the zigzag was the symbol of the waters of life, of the earth, of the cosmos in their flow. We find it on the body of the venus, drawn and painted on the vases, engraved in the rocks. But here, arranged and thought out all vertically, with nervous edges, in the highly original innovation of Del Pezzo, there is a very modern, yet timeless, flickering sign of fire, or of heaven and earth, which belongs to the reason of the Enlightenment or to the avant-garde rather than to arcane memories.

It is not known whether it rises or wedges and penetrates, to mark the place, in the earth, whether it elevates into the sky or falls to the ground. Ermanno Casasco, architect of the garden - together with the artist - envisioned it at the entrance, recognizing in it decisive aspects of his vision of this park-garden with its playful and erotic values.

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Lucio Del Pezzo

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