Camptotheca acuminata Decne.

Fam. Nyssaceae

The plant of happiness

Called "Plant of Happiness" by the Chinese. The Xi Shu (translated as "Happy Tree"), the Camptotheca acuminata, is native to the warm, humid river banks south of the Yangtse River in China and Tibet. While not a new introduction to the Western Hemisphere, it has apparently not often been found outside of China.
The plant of happiness for the Chinese

“Each house must have a large garden at the rear, and have a front and rear exit. Very important for the inhabitants are their gardens, in which they have vineyards and all kinds of fruit, spices and flowers grow. They are kept in such an elegant way, as I have never seen anywhere, and this not only because people enjoy gardening, but because there is a competition of zeal between street and street, to whom the best to keep their garden.” Tommaso Moro, Utopia (1516)


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