Genista Tyrrenica

Fam. Fabaceae

Genista tyrrenica

Brought by Duke Luigi Silvestro Camerini to Ischia from Ponza in 1948. Its local name is "vastaccetta" or "uastac-cetta", or hatchet spoiler, due to the hardness of its wood which could damage the ax blade
Recently a DNA study was carried out by the Botanical Garden of Naples confirming the origin from Ponza and the Tyrrenica species

In general, a plant or vegetable is an autotrophic living organism composed of a root system (roots), a stem and a leaf system. The root system has the task of anchoring the plant to the soil and absorbing from it the nutrients (minerals and water) necessary for the vital processes of the plant itself. The stem has the task of supporting the foliar apparatus, allowing vertical development and transporting the sap. The foliar apparatus, on the other hand, has the task of capturing the sunlight necessary for photosynthesis and carrying out gaseous exchanges.

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