Ziziphus jujuba


In the past, berries were consumed instead of candies, from this fact they have become in many ways proverbial, synonymous with trifles. The term "jujube" refers to a naive person. The expression "to go in jujube broth" refers to an almost forgotten recipe that created a real delicacy.
Jujube (Ziziphus jujuba Mill.) Is a fruit tree belonging to the Rhamnaceae family [2] and to the genus Ziziphus, also known as Chinese date, natsume or tsao (simplified Chinese: 枣; traditional Chinese: 棗; pinyin: zǎo) . The fruit is commonly called jujube (plural: jujube, in italian it's one of the few words that switches gender from singular to plural).

Over the past ten thousand years, mankind has domesticated "useful" animals and plants to the same extent that these species have "exploited" the tastes and needs of men in order to multiply.

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