Metrosideros excelso Sol. ex Gaerin

Fam. Myrtaceae

With red flowers

Known as the New Zealand Christmas tree, it has very showy red flowers that justify the common name. The generic epithet literally means iron pith and indicates the particular hardness of the wood in the center of the stem. The species has been the subject of intense selection activity due to the wide spectrum of use that this species possesses.
Also used as a windbreak

“Plants travel. Herbs, above all.

They move silently, like the winds. You can do nothing against the wind.

If the clouds were harvested, he would be surprised to collect unpredictable seeds. Unthinkable landscapes are already drawn in the sky.

Evolution has its advantages, but society does not. The humblest management project yes

clashes with the scheduling calendar: ordering, hierarchizing, taxing,

when everything can change in an instant. How to maintain the landscape as a technocratic grid

apply to the intemperance of nature, to its violence? The total control project

finds unexpected allies: the radicals of ecology and the nostalgic. Nothing has to change, it is in

play our past; or, nothing has to change, biodiversity is at stake. All against

the wandering! "Gilles Clèment"

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