Thevetia Peruviana

Thevetia peruviana or Cascabela thevetia, also known by the synonym of Thevetia neriifolia, is a tropical shrub belonging to the Apocynaceae family, a very decorative evergreen shrub due to the long and abundant summer flowering of saffron yellow bell-shaped flowers, by virtue of which thevetia it is known in the Anglo-Saxon world with the name of "yellow oleander".

the varieties present are yellow and white

From the stones it produces after flowering, musical instruments can be produced as they are very musical by striking them
Present especially in the Templar area

Talking about gardens today means taking into consideration some biological, anthropological, historical and aesthetic aspects that have emerged approximately in the last decade. Two theses, among many, become central in a critical approach to the subject: the first is that nature does not exist; the second that the plants are intelligent. Tommaso Guariento

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