Yucca Rostrata

Fam. Agavaceae

at the entrance, the Botanical Garden

The Yucca rostrata is native to the desert areas of Texas and Mexico, in particular the Chihuahuan desert where it is very easy to see it on the slopes and on the rocky peaks. What is striking are its trunk and its Glaucous colored leaves. It reaches a height of 5-6 meters (16-19ft) and branches between 180 and 220 cm (70-86"). It grows very slowly so to obtain a specimen of 2 meters (6.56ft) it takes about 15 years if grown in the ground, in pot it is even slower. It survives the cold for this reason it is appreciated up to the United Kingdom, Holland and Germany where it thrives under the snow without any problem.
donated by Ermanno Casasco

The forest is considered the quintessence of nature not influenced by man, because it appears immutable and represents the wild world as opposed to the civilized one, the external boundary that delimits the area in which culture predominates. This is a very widespread opinion, especially in central Europe, but as obvious as it seems, it is not correct. Many woods, especially those found near centers of civilized society, have undergone a strong anthropogenic influence and therefore have been part of the culture for hundreds or even thousands of years.

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